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My 25+ year drumming career and the people I met along the way.

My exclusive interview with the late Larrie Londin, "The Greatest Drummer In The World"

Welcome to my personal home page. Please be patient while we are building the site. I have lot's of cool photo's, interviews and articles that will be posted here in the future. I was a professional musician and song writer for over 25 years and played drums in a rich diversity of bands. This page is dedicated to those years and the people I met along the way. Please bookmark this site and return often.

Here's a short clip of audio featuring an original composition called Blew Socks 1982 James B Fox. The band is Thunderstruck. Recorded live at Horne's Colliseum Inn in Hampton, VA.  BASS: Sam Cameron, Guitar:  Johnny Russ, Drums:  Jimmy Fox
Blew Socks

The background photo on this page is me playing the drums with U.S. Steel in Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana during the 1979 Mardi Gras.

My Early Career

1970's USN Steel Band

1970's New Orleans

1980's Virginia

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