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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 05:05:34 -0600
From: "Prescott, Tim and Ronna"

Hi James. My name is Tim Prescott. I'm a drummer in the northwest Florida area. I stumbled onto your website by looking at Peter Erskine's Guestbook. If you have Modern Drummer's "Larrie Londin Tribute" issue, look at the reader's letters page toward the front and you'll find my "Larrie Story". Truly, an individual who will NOT be surpassed. He taught me so much by doing so little. Very cool guy.

I didn't REALLY realize the scope of Larrie's influence until I actually went to Nashville with my band, to record our debut CD. I went to Forks Drum Closet to get some sticks and I happened to notice that right next to the door, was a framed copy of the "Larrie Tribute" issue. I felt sad at first, but then I realized that this guy, This Icon, This God-of-Nashville had influenced me just as he had influenced all the other drummers that walked through that door.

It was an eye opening experience, to say the least. Here I was -In Nashville,TN. To record my first studio project, and I'm being inspired by Larrie yet again. 6 years after his passing. Unbelievable. THAT is the essence of Larrie, I like to think.

Thanks for your time


From: Add to Address Book
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 20:21:47 EST

Dear Jim,

What a surpise and pleasure when doing a net search on Larrie Londin to see your tribute to him. I was looking for recordings he appeared on when I found your site. I met Larrie way back in 1965/66 when he was with the Headliners, a show group which frequently appeared at the Surban Lounge in a Detroit suburb. That's the time the group was under contract with Motown. I was a student at Wayne State University in Detroit and a drummer in a four-piece jazz/dance/show group. We wern't very good but we paid our way through college having a great time performing 2-3 nights per week. We would get out to see the Headliners as often as we could. I got the chance to talk to Larry frequently and even got a drum lesson one Saturday afternoon before the bands practice. In your article he says he wasn't much of a singer, but I can tell you he had a teriffic voice and frequently fronted on vocals. I still have a LP the group recorded live at the Falcon Lounge in Atlanta.

On a personal note, after I graduated in 1967 I got married and went to Viet Nam. I quit planning the drums after the Army. I just started working out recently and have been rebuilding my old Luwig set by adding some additional toms, cymbals, and DW hardware/pedals, etc. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying playing again in my basement. I can sit down any evening, put on a CD/headphones and play with the likes of Duke Ellington, James Brown, Charlie Haden, Horice Silver,Van Morrison, BB King,etc. What a joy.

Once again, I want to thank you for the wonderful tribute and memories.

I hope you're still playing the skins - best of luck and many happy memories.

Ron Frederick

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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 01:50:18 EST

Hey! Jimmy Fox! I saw your e-mail on Peter Erskine's homepage and I couldn't believe it was someone from Nashua. My name is David Jette and I'm from Nashua and I'm a drummer! In fact a serious careerist of a drummer here in Seattle. Nashua High School Class of '74. I think Danny O'Donnell runs the band at Nashua High,he was a class mate at Nashua High and also at Berklee School of Music. The only other drummer of note from Nashua that I know of is Kevin Ewalt but I know not of any current status. I've been in Seattle for ten years and its a great place to live.I play all styles and do a fair amount of sessions and teach quite a bit. I used to live in Brazil where I played in bands with Carlinhos Brown and Tony Mola. Talk to any Brazilian and they will know those guys. My reputation here in Seattle is as a roots music guy. I've toured with many legendary blues guys including Charlie Musselwhite,Bo Diddley, Johnny Copeland, Arnett Cobb and the great New Orleans soul singer Johnny Adams. I've got the New Orleans thing down,I've spent much time in Texas and Louisiana living and playing. The Gospel scene there is very intense and the drummers well hey the complete bands will tear your head off. Seattle has a pretty developed scene that is quite comprehensive. I sometimes play in a band called Critters Buggin' that usually features Matt Chamberlain on drums who has become the session ace of the alternative scene, he plays on the latest CD's of Fiona Apple,the Wallflowers,Tori Amos and will record the next Alanis Morrisette CD,he also was the house drummer on Saturday Night Live for a couple of years,he is now on the road with Tori Amos for the next 8 months. The great Cuban drummer Horacio 'EL Negro' Hernandez was in town for a clinic a month ago and he was amazing,he would solo while keeping rumba clave' with his highhat foot.When asked how long it took to work that out he replyed," All my life!".Jeff Watts was in town for 6 days with Michael Brecker a few weeks ago and he was his usual brilliant self. Elvin should be rolling in for his annual week at Jazz Alley this spring he just keeps getting better if that can be possible. Well thats some of the news from the opposite corner from where you are at,I hope all is well in Nashua and look forward to your reply.

Dave Jette